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The mission of the Pachamama Alliance is simple, yet bold: “bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.”

With such an expansive vision, the paths to engagement and action are many.  

 The Pachamama Alliance of the Rochester Area (PARA) was formed in 2012, when we began offering “Awakening the Dreamer” as a live, interactive symposium, free and open to everyone in the region.


Click here to experience this free mind- and heart-opening orientation to Pachamama Alliance's revolutionary vision and values through a fully online, self-paced, two-hour educational program.

As our community grew, new initiatives sprouted, reflecting the interests and passions of our members.  The list of initiatives continues to grow as new members join us and new issues come to light. 

We welcome you to explore how you may wish to engage in this important work, whether by linking to any the initiatives below or starting one of your own.  


Fresh opportunities for engagement and action show up in our monthly newsletterclick here to subscribe.

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