Reclaiming Democracy

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Pachamama Alliance’s three-fold focus – on sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment – depends on a functioning democracy with access to clear and factual information and an underlying commitment to the shared well-being of all citizens. The increasingly frayed fabric of our democracy undermines our power to bring about the “world our hearts know is possible” (in the words of author Charles Eisenstein). All of the clarity and passion we bring to the environment and to social justice issues can help us become more effective active watch-dogs of our democracy... The first step is to move past anxiety, become informed, and rediscover the power of people – ourselves – working together to bring about change. 

(Excerpt from "Democracy, Coronavirus, and the Pachamama Vision" by Joyce Herman.)

The Reclaiming Democracy group seeks to increase awareness of movements undermining our pluralistic, democratic society as well as the countervailing movements and organizations which protect and cultivate an inclusive society that does not tolerate bigotry and hate.

Here are some valuable materials to get started and keep going:

  • The Civil Conversations Project

  • The Weekly List: experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

  • Americans United monitors church-state issues - find the Rochester Chapter on Facebook.

  • Move To Amend is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests. Move To Amend calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns. Local contact: Tony Perri at

Contact for Reclaiming Democracy: