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Embracing a Plant-Rich Diet for the health and future of the planet

For more information, contact Jennifer Insull-McCarthy at

See below for a list of some of the group's favorite resources related to sourcing local food, places to order plant-based meals, multiple organizations focused on educating people about the many benefits of plant-rich diets, cookbooks, and more.

How does eating a plant-based diet help the environment?

Animal agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Favoring plant-based foods reduces demand, thereby reducing land clearing, fertilizer use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about
Drawdown Solution #4: 
Plant-Rich Diets


Watch this video on YouTube
from Matthew Prescott, author of
Food is The Solution:
What to Eat to Save the World

- a fresh, lavishly-designed cookbook that proves we can help solve the world's major environmental problems by putting more plants on our plates.

What is it like to transition to
a plant-based diet?

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Eat for Life

About us

The Eat for Life group was developed in response to information learned during a Drawdown class held in Victor, NY in the spring of 2019.

The group's members felt passionate about
Drawdown Solution #4: Plant-Rich Diets (PRD) and wanted to find a way to get the word out to as many people as possible.

After struggling with the idea of paper-driven communication, and the question of how best to distribute flyers to people in a climate-conscious way, the group decided to go paperless and looked into setting up a Facebook group. The goal was to provide a space for people all over the United States--and the world--to share recipes, resources, ideas, and articles about Plant Rich Diets.

The online forum is set up to be welcoming to all. It is not exclusive to vegans or vegetarians, but more an avenue to share information that supports the use of plants in diets.

The “Eat For Life'' portion of the name acknowledges that the information supporting the importance of a PRD is backed by
scientific studies in both human and environmental health.

In offering this forum, the PRD group hopes to increase opportunities for everyone to incorporate a Plant-Rich Diet into their lives, at whatever level they feel most comfortable.

Those who consciously decide to learn about the benefits of a Plant-Rich diet and embrace it will support their own lives as well as the life of the planet.


How to get involved

Please feel free to join the group in support of the effort. The Facebook group is open to all to enjoy, to learn from, and to help facilitate sharing with the community. 

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