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Racism:  Standing in Solidarity

As we face the racial tensions that are so urgent and critical at this time in our country, we offer here some materials for white people to learn about black history, white privilege and so much more to inform us as we respond in solidarity with knowledge and integrity. This is a dynamic document so please check it periodically to see new entries, and please send us materials to include.  Also, see more about this topic in our recent blogs here.

Expand your perspective and deepen your understanding: here's a list (with descriptions) of articles, books, and movies for your consideration.


Sharing and Living the Vision
If you are looking for resources and information on the challenges facing the environment and the human community, as well as ways and opportunities to stay involved and make your voice heard, look through this A-Z list of local, national, and international organizations.


Sustainable Shopping
Support your values with your dollars! See this list of articles and companies - many in the Rochester area - dedicated to sustainable practices. 


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