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Seeds of Hope ​​

Our Vision

Our vision is to participate in an evolutionary shift in human consciousness, which is inspired by an expanding awareness of our living, evolving interconnected universe, with its unique community of life on our home planet Earth. 

We envision this consciousness increasingly becoming the overarching context for understanding, belonging, inspiration, and decision-making, and for creating the future. 

Our Mission

  • To bring insights from science, ancient wisdom, astrology, spirituality, architecture, and the arts into an open community of potential evolutionaries and culture changers to explore, process, assimilate, and embody a variety of expressions of cosmic consciousness

  • To awaken to the Mystery, beauty, complexity, and sacredness of the Universe and all Life.

  • To foster a mutually enhancing relationship with our evolving Earth.

  • To locate ourselves within the ongoing evolutionary process of collapse and creative emergence 

  • To embody our identities as integral, creative and evolving expressions of Gaia and the Universe, by thinking cosmically, loving globally, and acting locally.

  • Open our eyes, minds, and hearts to places where society’s paradigm of separation, domination and exploitation is creating pain, fear, anger, or suffering.​

We are especially inspired by The Pachamama Alliance, Deeptime Network, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the Holomovement

Gatherings are held on Zoom 1:30-3:30 pm on designated Sundays. 
All gatherings are free and open to all. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link

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For more information:

To receive future notices of our monthly gatherings or for more information, contact Dave Inglis at

Next Gathering

Seeds of Hope presents: 

Our Call to Evolve

Sunday, March 24, 2023

1:30-3:30 PM EST

Details & Registration

A free, interactive Zoom event

Recordings & Resources

See below for curated resources and recordings
from past discussions.

Resources from Past Gatherings

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For more information about Seeds of Hope, contact Dave Inglis at

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