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Connect with the sacredness of nature

Sanctuary of the Wild offers a monthly opportunity on both the 2nd and the last Sunday of each month, from 11-12:30 PM, to gather on the land in community with others who yearn for sacred conversation with and deep listening to the natural world. We convene in a circle with senses wide open, then disperse, solo, onto the land for a period of time to enter into that sacred conversation with the more-than-human beings we encounter. Upon return, there is an opportunity to share our experiences with one another. 



Our meeting place for the 2nd Sunday of the month is the Lookout Shelter on Pond Rd in Mendon Ponds Park (though 2nd Sundays are currently on hiatus).


The gathering location for the last Sunday of the month rotates between the Bhakti Barn and Earth Eden Sanctuary. We meet year-round in whatever weather is offered, except in heavy rain, thunderstorms, or dangerous cold/wind chill.

What to bring

  • a chair

  • weather-appropriate clothing (including in-season footwear - be prepared for mud or deep snow)

  • a sacred object for the altar

  • a gratitude gift (tobacco, corn meal, bird seed) for The Wild Beings

  • and your Open-hearted wonder

Get in touch

For information on 2nd Sundays (currently on hiatus), contact Mary Gleason

For last Sundays, contact Chante Ishta at

Please make sure to check our Facebook Group for all the latest information about upcoming gatherings. There you'll find confirmation of each event and its location.

Sanctuary of the Wild

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