Getting Into Action Initiatives

Below are descriptions of on-going initiatives that arose out of Rochester area community residents participating in the Drawdown Solutions: Getting Into Action Course.


Lowering Emissions Through Thoughtful Unified Community Engagement

A Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Drawdown Initiative

Mission: To reduce food waste and promote composting of food scraps as effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vision: We envision a time when all communities in Upstate New York, in communion with global efforts, will engage in best practices of reducing food waste and composting food scraps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Actions: Connection, Education, and Advocacy

Connection: L.E.T.T.U.C.E. will link individuals and groups committed to achieving the LETTUCE vision.

Education: L.E.T.T.U.C.E. will serve as a resource hub for individuals and groups interested in best practices of reducing food waste and composting food scraps.

Advocacy: L.E.T.T.U.C.E will provide information on calls to action supporting legislation and policy change in our communities and the state of New York.

For more information please contact us at

Read more about how L.E.T.T.U.C.E. was formed here from the May 2020 issue of our newsletter.

Penfield Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Resident's Committee

As a result of participating in separate Drawdown Solutions: Getting Into Action courses in 2018, two Penfield residents were inspired to join together to form the Penfield Community Choice Aggregation Residents' Committee. Thus forming another Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Drawdown Initiative.

Committee members are a dedicated group of Penfield residents who are all committed to building the political will in our community for the Penfield town board to enact Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in Penfield. We are also committed to making sure that our CCA program offers ONLY the 100% clean, renewably sourced electricity option for replacing our current fossil fuels based electricity generation sources. 

For more information visit PenfieldCCA's website at 


Read more about how PenfieldCCA was founded here

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